Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eggers. Ellen. Stalking.

Hero worship is tough. Celebrity love is confusing. And our current intensely ramped-up focus on pop culture and stardom is crushing. Which leaves us fairly intrigued by the reaction to the Elizabeth Ellen Bookslut essay on her time "Stalking Dave Eggers," no less so now that she has reported that his people have asked her to take it down. We're not sure if the essay is honest, brave or scintillating, nor even what may or may not be true, but that doesn't matter, not really, the feelings expressed are something anyone can relate to, everyone has gone through a hard time, and messed-up relationships and when we do, what we want more than anything is to connect to someone, or something, and so why not Dave Eggers? He's out there, but not exactly, he seems approachable and exposed, yet not, he has a gift for language and a desire to give and who doesn't want to be around that, even if you can never quite be around that? Everyone. Meanwhile, as someone wrote at Vol. 1 Brooklyn, "Who the fuck hasn't stalked Dave Eggers?" No one. It's his world now and we all want a brief taste of it.