Thursday, May 20, 2010

These Books Will Change Your Life - Pathologies by William Walsh and Wolf Parts by Matt Bell.

We are more travel. We are more read. And we are more small press love, though please note that today we are all Keyhole Press all the time. First up, Pathologies by William Walsh. The William Walsh does humor, pop culture and sex as well as anyone in this collection, but one thing we are always struck by regardless of what we're reading of his, is Walsh's almost restless curiosity, which always seems to pop off the page, all fertile, authentic and vibrant. We would add, that this is the second collection this week we've read with a piece that was originally run in This Zine Will Change Your Life. In this case the terrific story Revision. Quite cool indeed. But we're not done, because we also have Wolf Parts by Matt Bell. Bell is also working the sex thing with this take on Little Red Riding Hood, and yet similar to his killer novella The Collectors, this is a story about compulsions, and despite the focus on Little Red Riding Hood, it's specifically about the sexual and arguably violent compulsions of men and how these compulsions not only warp men, but force women to react and mold themselves to these compulsions. Once again, good and interesting stuff across the board, and like the work of Tim Hall and Aaron Burch that we riffed on earlier this week, books we think just might change your life if you let them.

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