Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We have new piece. "More Than Anything" is up at the Necessary Fiction and we are most appreciative.

We are quite thrilled and most appreciative to have a new piece up at the Necessary Fiction. It is titled More Than Anything and it is part of a group of quasi-interlocking stories we worked on last summer which also include Goddess at Annalemma, So Different Now at Dogzplot, That's It at CellStories and Never Said at Girls With Insurance. We would add that Spider-Man makes a brief appearance in this piece, well, the idea of Spider-Man anyway, and that for your reading pleasure we have pasted a brief excerpt below.

“So,” she says smiling, “do you think this guy is stalking you or what?”

They are going out to lunch together. She is the intern. She is young and vibrant, if a little weird and awkward, with her interest in graphic novels, Spider-Man, and him, all things he is interested in as well.

He normally makes it a point to avoid the younger employees, especially the female ones.

He wants to get to work, get what needs to be done, done, and then get home to his wife, and his real life.

Because that’s the thing, like Spider-Man he lives in two worlds, and his real life has little to do with work or who he is at work."

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