Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - Big Lonesome by Jim Ruland.

We have been on the road and we have been reading. And while we are juggling several books at this time, today we are most happy to let you know about Big Lonesome by Jim Ruland. On the one hand you have a wildly imaginative and wide-ranging collection of stories that touch base on everything from war to stalking, and everyone one from Popeye to Dick Tracy. On the other hand though, you've got a series of stories that bring both the humor - something we would argue is way to underutilized these days - in pieces like Still Beautiful and Kessler Has No Lucky Pants, and the pain, especially in the fantastic Night Soil Man and Brains For Bengo, the latter of which absolutely crushed us, and which as a side note we happened to be reading on the train coming in from the airport last night so was oddly reminiscent of the last story that affected us this profoundly, An Optimist is the Human Personification of Spring from the quite fine Charactered Pieces by Caleb J. Ross, which we also happened to be reading on the train. It may be a train thing, but either way please take a moment to hit the Big Lonesome because it really just might change your life.

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Caleb said...

Trains equal greatness.

Thanks for the very kind words, Mr. TBWCYL.