Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - Charactered Pieces by Caleb J. Ross.

It is still early in the new year, but we have already had the chance to read the new story collection Charactered Pieces by Caleb J. Ross and we would like to think it bodes well for what's to come. While there is weirdness in these stories, not to mention biblical allegories and tales of suicide and the holocaust, what lingers is an underlying thread about the impact parents, fathers in particular, have on our lives whether through their presence or more often their absence. Ultimately, the stories are like a collective punch to the chest, though none more so than An Optimist is the Human Personification of Spring which caused us to lose our breath for a fleeting moment as we sat on the train and still haunts us even as we write this.


Caleb said...

Thank you for this. It makes a man (even one as unmanly as myself) ridiculously happy to read receptions like this.

Ben Tanzer said...

You are most welcome and for the record, we find you quite manly.