Saturday, January 16, 2010

How about a Deckfight Bosworth Ross mash-up with a nice dollop of love for I Am Richard Simmons? Well that, and a ml press {first year} shout-out?

We thought this might be your cup of tea. And here's what we have. The most excellent Deckfight gave the always well bearded Mel Bosworth a the chance to riff on the five best things he has recently read. He not only gave a very generous shout-out to our ml press chapbook I Am Richard Simmons - feel free to read the below excerpt - but to the quite fine and recently blurbed here Charactered Pieces by Caleb J. Ross as well. We are quite appreciative. We also think Mel has quite good taste. We would add, that you may also be interested in one, re-reading TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer's five best recently things read list, and if you are enjoy, and two, we want to let you know that we just received our copy of the ml press {first year} anthology and it is lovely, really lovely, and something we think you might want to order because we are fairly confident that it just might change your life. A lot.

"I carried this MLP chapbook in my pocket for a while to whip out whenever I ran into anyone. I may have scared a person or two, rummaging around in my front pocket, saying things like, “You’ve gotta see this!” but overall things went well. No face slaps."


Mel Bosworth said...

this post needs more richard simmons pictures.

Pete said...

And here I thought you promised to NOT publish any more vintage Simmons photos here. Though admittedly, this one does show much less skin that the others, which is a blessing.

Ben Tanzer said...

Mel, so noted, and Pete, you know our guidelines here, as long as I Am Richard Simmons receives some love we will show our love to Richard Simmons in return.