Thursday, December 17, 2009

TBWCYL, Inc.'s Top Ten Movies of the Decade Will Change Your Life.

When it comes to movies we like aggression, humor and pain. Throw in some dread and maybe some music and we're down. So here you go:

(1) Punch-Drunk Love/Paul Thomas Anderson (2002). Maximum aggression. Maximum humor. And a terrifically cast Adam Sandler.

(2) Moulin Rouge/Bas Lurhmann (2001). Our brain is still recovering from the opening sequence.

(3) Brokeback Mountain/Ang Lee (2005). Breathtaking and crushing all at once.

(4) The Squid and the Whale/Noah Baumbach (2005). Man do we wish we wrote this script.

(5) In the Bedroom/Todd Field (2001). And this one too.

(6) Pan's Labyrinth/Guilermo del Toro (2006). Goth and dread. Dread and goth.

(7) Lost in Translation/Sofia Coppola (2003). How do we love Bill Murray, let us count the ways.

(8) The Bourne Ultimatum/Paul Greengrass (2007). Hand-held awesomeness.

(9) The Believer/Henry Bean (2001). Bring the hate. And the Gosling? Riveting.

(10) Tarnation/Jonathan Caouette (2003). Almost unwatchable, yet still searing and wholly captivating.

The best of the rest (and in no particular order): A History of Violence/David Cronenberg (2005), 40 Year Old Virgin/Judd Apatow (2005), Y Tu Mama Tambien/Alfonso Cuaron (2001), Mystic River/Clint Eastwood (2003), District 9/Neill Blomkamp (2009), The Pledge/Sean Penn (2001), Bowling for Columbine/Michael Moore (2002), Amores Perros/Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu (2000), Man on Wire/James Marsh (2008), Mulholland Drive/David Lynch (2001), 8 Mile/Curtis Hanson (2002), Before Sunset/Richard Linklater (2004), No Country for Old Men/The Coen Brothers (2007), Where The Wilds Things Are/Spike Jonez (2009), Requiem for a Dream/Darren Aronofsky (2000), The Hurt Locker/Kathryn Bigelow (2009).

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