Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meta? Entertainment? Self-absorption? All of the above?

We were quite excited to find that Michael Kimball blurbed on the Alma Books blog about the blurb we posted here on This Blog Will Change Your Life about his terrific novel Dear Everybody. We're not sure if this qualifies, or maybe more accurately, extends our ongoing self-fascination with all things TBWCYL, Inc., but we also couldn't exactly recall another time we have encountered this. So, what are we saying? Oh yes, we're excited. Well that, and if you give a blogger a cookie, well you know.


Pete said...

And if Michael returns the favor by blogging about this post of yours...well, there's a term for that sort of thing, but I thought that was relegated to high school locker rooms and Boy Scout summer camps.

Ben Tanzer said...

We're thinking meta-cubed?