Sunday, September 20, 2009

Too Young to Fall Asleep by Sally Weigel.

As previously announced Jason Pettus and his minions over at CCLaP have a new joint out Too Young to Fall Asleep by Sally Weigel. As also previously discussed we promised to re-consume Sally's novel and then report back on it here, right here. And so to loosely paraphrase the always awesome Otis Day, let's hit it. Too Young to Fall Asleep takes something we all think we know, high school, and intersects it with something we don't yet understand, the impact of the Iraq War. What's unique of course, is that it seeks to accomplish all this, just as movies like In the Valley of Elah, Stop Loss and now The Hurt Locker have tried to do as well, by capturing the essence of living during a time of war while the war being explored is actually happening, no time to look back, no time to reflect. It's a big and awesome task, and Sally has jumped-in feet first, planting her stake in the still shifting ground, and establishing a precedent for all of the Iraq War literature that is sure to follow.


Jason Pettus said...

Ben, thanks for your nice thoughts here; like you, I think that Sally's book has some very interesting things to say about the Iraq War specifically, and just about armed conflicts in general. I wanted to remind Ben's readers, by the way, that his own book with CCLaP, the 2008 story collection "Repetition Patterns," is still available, and can be downloaded for free as well just like Sally's book; you can find it at .

Ben Tanzer said...

But of course. Also, just to confirm, Repetition Patterns is still available? Nice, okay people go to CCLaP, now, thanks.