Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, Week Thirty-Four - "PaintWriteDeathLifeArt."

It is Week Thirty-Four of This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, our endlessly self-absorbed effort to post self-portrait per week for one year, and this week we have titled our self-portrait "PaintWriteDeathLifeArt," because one, we were thrilled to attend a retrospective of TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer's father Michael Tanzer's work as an artist, and two, we were honored to have been invited to read something at the preview show for the retrospective and decided to read an excerpt from PaintWriteDeathLifeArt (Sketches from a life in art) a piece originally published in decomP. To say it was quite cool all-around is an understatement, but there you go, it was cool, and overwhelming, and all of that. Meanwhile, while we want to invite you to follow this project in its entirety at the Flickr, we also want to invite you to send us a self-portrait of you very own which we will post right here at This Blog Will Change Your Life. But then you knew that, right?

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