Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pink. Clone. New City. Preview. Reading. Friday. The Book Cellar.

We were quite geeked to see that the Sam Pink got quite a kind write-up for I Am Going To Clone Myself Then Kill The Clone and Eat It in New City this week as their preview for this Friday's reading at The Book Cellar, where Sam is reading with the lovely Amy Guth and TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer in support of Scott McClanahan and his killer short story collection Stories. Among other things, the reviewer had the following to say:

Sam Pink’s oddball little book is filled with first-person passages and rants that begin with mundane reality and often finish in bizarro fantasy, usually with some element of violence, disgust or aching simplicity."

That's good stuff. See you on Friday.


Tim Hall said...

Have a great time, Ben, so sorry I couldn't be part of that -- but thank you for asking!

Ben Tanzer said...

Thanks man and next time for sure, yes?

Tim Hall said...

foshizzle tanzizzle