Thursday, June 18, 2009

We have been interviewed by author Kelly Moran. Massive name-dropping ensues. Self-absorption runs rampant. And books are given away. Wow.

And we're not sure what else to say about this. We love the Moran. And Patrick Ewing. We had fun with the interview and we really do hope you check it out. Cool?


David Masciotra said...

Just think of Patrick Ewing. What about my grandmother naked? That doesn't work as well as you would think. Patrick Ewing does it every time.

That's right. Started Lucky Man last night. Great stuff so far.

Ben Tanzer said...

We love the Patrick Ewing and hope to find a place for him in every book we write. Wow, that was really grandiose wasn't it?

That said, we also love people who read our books, so many thanks, and very glad to hear you're digging it.