Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends! Interviews! Downloads! Compassion?

That may have been a lame play on words, though maybe not, we will definitely focus group that and get back to you. In the interim though, we came across two things we want to share with you from and about two friends and writers we are fans of. First off, Joshua Mohr author of Some Things That Meant The World To Me, which we recently riffed on here at the blog, has a great interview up at SFGate, very nice, do check it out, and second, Ken Wohlrob of the Love Book fame, also riffed on here at blog, has a new story, Job in Williamsburg, which we read some version of along the way, also very nice, that he is releasing as a downloadable e-book, the first apparently of monthly dowloads he intends to make available, so do check this out as well. We would add here, that both of these shout-outs do tie into this now ongoing diatribe of ours, books are not dead, and writers are not obsolete, but we do need to work it. Cool?

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