Saturday, June 20, 2009

This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, Week Twenty-Three - "Father's Day."

Father's Day is looming, and lurking over our shoulder and so what could be a better title for this week's edition of This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life than "Father's Day?" Nothing. Also, did we mention that it is week Twenty-Three of this ongoing self-aborbed love fest and that we remain committed to posting one self-portrait per week for one year? No, how about the fact that we do this because while we love ourselves, we love you as well and we know how much you look forward to this week in and week out? Well we know, and we appreciate it. Meanwhile, if you want to follow our progress on this project please do hit the Flickr, and if you want to see a self-portrait of you very own right here on This Blog Will Change Your Life please send us one to Got it? Nice.

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