Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Hold Steady. Rock. But why should you care?

Well, you could care because seeing them live as we did tonight is so enjoyable. You could also care because The Hold Steady and their music serve as the muses for our new novel tentatively titled You Can Make Him Like You which we are currently editing so seeing them at this time seems like potentially good kharma or something. Or, you could care just because we want you to and like Oprah everything we say or do is for you because more than anything we hope to change your life if only briefly. That's assuming change is what you want of course, because if you don't that's cool with us too. Really. Meanwhile, did we mention that The Hold Steady rock? Excellent.


Pete said...

Your ardor for the band is not at all surprising, considering how much you resemble Craig Finn. Seeing them play live, I'll bet it's impossible for you to not mentally project yourself onto the stage.

Ben Tanzer said...

It is impossible, and while treatment may help, we actually feel the same way when we see J.J. Abrams being interviewed, sans the talent of course, and the mass followings.