Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New City Lit 50.

The New City annual Lit 50 list is out, with the theme this year being "Who really books in Chicago." They decided not to focus on any straight-up writers or poets this year, which is probably good for our egos here at headquarters, and they sort of ignored the whole blogosphere, for example the fine team at Pete Lit, one of our first podcasts, or the crew at Orange Alert, not to mention the ladies of QUICKIES! and Pilcrow, podcasted here and here respectively, but they still listed a number of friends and supporters of ours who we would argue do not get nearly enough attention otherwise. These include, Oprah (#1), well okay, not Oprah, and no we haven't podcasted with her, yet, but does include among others Suzy T. from the Book Cellar (#34), Gina Frangello from Other Voices' Books (#37) and Caroline Picard from the Green Lantern Press (#45) the latter of whom we did podcast with way back when. Overall, its an interesting list, and mostly comprehensive, and frankly, anyone who wants to take the time to list literary anything is pretty awesome as far as we are concerned, so big props to New City for the support and attention.


Pete said...

Criminy, so who do you have to sleep with at Newcity to get on that list? I've already worked my way through most of the staff there and might have to do the janitor next.

Ben Tanzer said...


Pete said...

Actually, he was pretty good the first time, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. But you'd think the guy would return my calls now and then. I guess I'm just a piece of meat to him.