Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Seventeen - Stories.

Bam! The new episode of This Podcast Will Change Your Life is here, like right now. It is titled Stories and it stars none other than the quite cool Barry Graham, author of TBWCYL, Inc favorite The National Virginity Pledge and grand master of Dogzplot, Paper Hero Press and the most excellent Achilles Chapbook Series. We are quite geeked to have connected with him before he bundles up the family and heads off to his new gig at Rutgers and we think you will be as well. Please note, that if you choose to access the podcast via the above link it will take you directly to our page on imeem. If you choose to listen below, imeem now limits these embedded recordings to 30-second previews and asks you to follow their link if you want hear the full recording. That link also takes you to our page and so given this you may be wondering why we have embedded the recording here at all. Frankly, we don't know why, but please enjoy our new joint anyway, because we feel fairly confident it will change your life.

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