Monday, May 18, 2009

Full of It by Tim Hall.

Yes, we know, we've been reading like mad lately, and we think it has something to do with our lapsed subscription to the New Yorker, some ramped-up travel, the season finales of any number of the endless television shows we watch, and maybe most importantly, the really excellent books that keep landing in our mailbox. Today we finished Full of It by good friend Tim Hall, and here's what we think you need to know, it's a breezy, fun read; a mash note to what seems more and more like a bygone era of underground newspapers, not to mention a nearly pre-historic, pre-dot com New York City; and maybe best of all, a great companion piece to Tim's previous novel, TBWCYL, Inc. favorite, Half Empty. Nice work man, what can we expect next? And when?


Tim Hall said...

Thanks so much, man, glad you liked it.

Adam said...

whoa, is that a cover by dean haspiel that i spy?
the amazon link doesn't have a credit, but it's *gotta* be a dino.
adam lawrence

(he's a fellow heliotrope and puce flag waving suny-purchase alum)

Tim Hall said...

Indeed it is Dino, Adam--he was involved in the newspaper I've fictionalized in the book and makes a small cameo. Funny story behind the image.

Adam said...

so many dino stories are funny, horrifying, or both!
i'll be putting this joint in my save for later cart pronto.
(and yes, credit the future sale to mr ben tanzer, whom i've known since the waning days of the gerald ford administration)

Tim Hall said...

Awesome, thanks Adam!

Ben AND Dean? You poor guy, how do you manage? Wait...

Ben Tanzer said...

Yo, just for the record, we are loving this exchange, and we are thinking that we probably won't need to introduce the two of you now.