Sunday, May 10, 2009

Skinny Legs and All. This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Amy Guth, the Pilcrow Lit Fest and So New publishing.

Check it out, the 2009 Pilcrow Lit Fest is so coming soon, and we are so geeked to be paneling and podcasting there again this year, that we thought, why not do a podcast with Pilcrow literary queen, killer writer, and good friend, the Amy Guth, so she can so hype it. So we did. And so, without further adieu, we present This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Sixteen - Skinny Legs and All, where we talk with Ms. Guth about this year's Pilcrow, her new role at So New media, and her favorite all-time book, which we will not reveal here, though we fully admit that this episode's title may be a tip-off of sorts.

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