Friday, May 29, 2009

Chicago Subtext and la Guth. Cool stuff.

The always and endlessly lovely Amy Guth, she of Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again blog fame, the wonderfully not humorous novel Three Fallen Women, Pilcrow Lit Fest awesomeness and a recent edition of This Podcast Will Change Your Life, in which she almost announced something big, has a quite cool new gig, and literary blog, which we can now officially let you know about. The blog is called Chicago Subtext, it is focused on all things literary here in our very own Chicago and we think you will want to check it out. We also think it just may change your life. And we definitely think that either way you get to spend some quality time with la Guth which is always a good thing.


Amy Guth said...

Thank you, sir! Always a pleasure to visit your fine (and indeed life-changing) blog.

Ben Tanzer said...

Most welcome, always happy to have you visit.