Saturday, May 2, 2009

Are you serious, we missed Buy Indie Day. How about we just buy indie everyday?

So, yeah we went to visit our good friends at the most excellent blog Baby Got Books and learned that Buy Indie Day is on May 1st and we totally missed hyping it. Which makes us kind of lame, but that doesn't mean that we, and you, can't buy indie today, tomorrow, or really any day of the week, right? And we're not just talking about buying books by TBWCYL, Inc. Ben Tanzer, though we totally support that, no we're talking about buying from any and all of our indie brothers and sisters, be that books, music, art, what have you. Indie is good. There we said it. So go buy. Nice. It feels good doesn't it. We thought so.

1 comment:

Pete said...

Yeah, city guy, you really have no excuse. Now my 5/1, on the other hand, was spent in the Loop where are there are no longer any indie stores, which I believe clears me.