Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This Self-Portait Will Change Your Life, Week Twelve - "Atlanta."

It is Week Twelve of our fully self-absorbed and arguably mind-bending project This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life. Our goal is to post one-self portrait per week for one year and if you are so inclined, and we would like to think you are, feel free to check out the project in its entirety at the Flickr. This week's portrait is titled "Atlanta" and that is because we are not only in Atlanta, but we are reading Atlanta by Jamie Iredell. To be honest, we've actually finished it, and we loved it, but more on that soon. Real soon. We promise. In the meantime, we hope you're well, and as always, if you too would like to see a self-portrait of your very own posted right here on the blog, please feel free to send us one at and we will make it happen. For real.

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