Friday, April 3, 2009

File this under: when efforts to co-opt corporate social media campaigns go bad. Or, Old Spice Swagger is no friend of ours.

The Old Spice Swagger campaign promised to help us spread our message about changing lives. And they promised to create some additional buzz about Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine. Instead we got this and not only are we horrified, but we feel a little used. Who could imagine a big multi-national corporation pulling something like this. We are shocked, shocked we tell you. And sad. Quite sad. Unless it still somehow helps us moves books that is. And changes lives of course. Then we're kind of cool with it. Well, okay with it anyway.


Pete said...

I'm outraged, and thoroughly regret abandoning Sure in favor of Old Spice deodorant about ten years ago. Even recently switching to Tom's of Maine will never fix my guilt over the injustice you're now enduring.

But I had no idea about Honey Choy. Nice work.

Ben Tanzer said...

Well, we won't even begin to tell you what Tom tried to pull. And thanks, Honey Choy has been very, very good to us.