Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nick Ostdick is the bomb. And if you wish to confirm this feel free to check out Slow Dancing at the Night Train.

We know that you know that writer Nick Ostdick is the bomb. It goes without saying. Still, who doesn't like to be reminded of these things, you know? And yes, we know that you know that too. So, why not check out his new joint Slow Dancing which is up on Night Train. Nick is totally working his usual Ostdickian magic with this piece and once again spinning a tale of longing and pain that ultimately contains just enough hope to make it all bearable. It's nice work and now we suggest that you go take a look. Yes, now, it just might change your life.


Pete said...

A "tail" of longing? Guess we know where your mind is, you sick puppy.

Ben Tanzer said...

You always know where our mind is, but that may have actually been a typo, "have been" being the operative phrase here because we have corrected any and all Freudian slips. We think.

Nick said...

Thanks for the shout, my man.