Friday, January 9, 2009

More TBWCYL, Inc. 2008 Top Ten love. Today, television.

This is the first year that we thought rolling out a Top Ten list focused on television might be fun, so we're going to run with our 2008 list today, focus group the heck out of it over the coming year and revisit whether or not our R&D dollars are well-spent in this area during the TBWCYL, Inc. spring board meeting. That said, we thought there was much to like in 2008, whether it was the shows, the people or the personalities.

(1) Obama's acceptance speech in Grant Park - Did anything else this year really compare? No need to answer that.

(2) The Shield - Where do you start? Has any show ever been more stressful and more unrelenting? And the finale, kick-ass. Long live The Shield.

(3) Mad Men - God bless Don Draper.

(4) Sarah Silverman's I'm F***ing Matt Damon video - Yes, we know, it was a viral sensation, but it started on television and it was too good, especially Damon's endlessly deadpan mug.

(5) Friday Night Lights - It might be worth it for the football scenes alone. But then you would be over-looking Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton's most awesome interaction, and the Smash, and on and on.

(6) The Office - While Amy Ryan's presence alone elevated the show to great heights during this past season, the dinner party episode where Michael and Jan break-up was as painful and well-executed as anything on television this year.

(7) Tina Fey as Sara Palin - It's already been hyped beyond belief, but that first appearance with Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton appearing together at the faux news conference announcing Palin's selection was genius.

(8) Ted Danson - As both himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and big props to Vivica A. Fox this past season as well, and as Arthur Frobisher on Damages. I'm still not sure what happened on the latter show, but Danson tore it up.

(9) How I Met Your Mother - Not as twisted and awesome as Arrested Development, nor as wacky and touching as Scrubs, but always a pleasure, so as needed, please see the Star Wars episode or anything with NPH getting his Barney on.

(10) Scott Baio - So nice to have him back. And back again, pregnant or otherwise.

Honorable mention: Entourage - A little uneven this season, but no one does male like the Entourage.

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