Sunday, January 11, 2009

And now let us take a moment to soak-up a little Sunday love for the The Hall and The Mesler.

Two of TBWCYL, Inc.'s favorite writers are Chicago's own Tim Hall and Corey Mesler out of Memphis, both of whom we have been lucky enough to publish in This Zine Will Change Your Life. In a most cool confluence of events, both not only have new pieces out, Tim at the Outsider Writers Collective and Corey at The Battered Suitcase, but both have new interviews out as well, Tim with the Texas Pan-American, the transcript of which is on his excellent blog Does This Font Make Me Look Fat? and Corey with our good friends at What To Wear During An Orange Alert. Both Tim and Corey are really fascinating dudes, who have led really interesting lives; both are great writers and both are maybe a little too far off of the reading public's radar as far as we are concerned. So, all this is to say, that we hope you will take a look at their writing and their words, because we're pretty sure that doing so will change your life, at least a little, which last we checked isn't bad for an otherwise slow Sunday, right? Right.


Jason Jordan said...

Both are indeed very cool.

Tim Hall said...

Thanks, Ben, though I should warn you--if you're trying to maneuver me into a wrestling match with Corey it won't work. I can run faster than he can.