Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vacation. Reading. Vacation. Some writing. Vacation. No blogging. For real. We think. And happy holidays.

It's true we're heading off on vacation for the next week, we're shutting down the office and we don't really plan to blog, sorry, much less go on-line much at all, which we think we look forward to, it means less RedTube sadly, but it also means less time compulsively visiting ourselves on Goodreads which can only be a good thing. We will write, we have to write, right, of course, and we definitely plan to read, especially the novel Talking Heads: 77 by new friend and wonderful writer John Domini. It did occur to us, however, that if you, our devoted fans and customer base, don't have This Blog Will Change Your Life to read during the week, you may require some kind of additional options or outlets, other than RedTube, and so we have taken it upon ourselves to offer you the following literary possibilities, all of which are pieces by writers we love and we think you could love to. So, happy holidays, have a good week, we will miss you terribly, and enjoy some writing we think just might change your life: Stick by S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. at 3:AM MAGAZINE, who we believe has been grading papers, but we could be wrong; Holy Crap: The Unhappiest Place on Earth by Eric Spitznagel at Vanity Fair, yes that Vanity Fair; Alleys are the Footnotes of the Avenues by Pete Anderson at Shoots and Vines, and we know, we've been name-dropping Pete all week, what are you going to do; Iron Lung by the nicely bearded Jason Jordan at Red Peter; Sand #1 by J.A. Tyler at Word Riot, the J.A. Tyler; and last, but far from least, Brothers by Nick Ostdick at VerbSap, and big props to Nick for finishing his penultimate semester at school, nice work sir.


Jason Jordan said...

Thanks for the link, sir. It's much appreciated.

ghielzact said...

blog walking it's okey