Monday, December 29, 2008

Back at headquarters and some more Most Likely list love. Good times, yes? Well, except for the whole economy thing. You've heard about that, yeah?

We're back, mostly, physically for sure, and easing back into the grind here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters. We missed you of course, a lot, which makes us glad to be back. We are also really glad though to see that Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine has made the honorable Nick Ostdick's year-end list of love, which is quite cool, yet quite humbling as we are sharing this list with among others the Joe Meno, The Hold Steady and the Blago. Nice, right? Way. Many thanks Nick, drinks on us for sure when next we cross paths.


Nick said...

You have most definitely earned that ranking, dear sir. I'll be in town soon for the January Orange Alert reading. We must cross paths then.

Ben said...

Well again then, many thanks, and we will look for you at the reading. We will be the humbled-looking ones in the back.