Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coolness and the Happy Bus. Oh, and Happy New Year. That's a lot of happy isn't it? It is. Though with a touch of sadness as well.

Friend and fellow author Ken Wohlrob is attempting quite a cool thing - releasing his story Happy Bus, from the most excellent short story collection The Love Book, as a free eBook for the iPhone, SONY Reader, Kindle and whatever else is out there on the electronic frontier. You can check it out on his website, and we hope you will, because it just may be the future of publishing. Now does this make us somewhat sad, we think so, but that may neither be here or there, we just like the feel of a book in our hands damn it. And yes, even as we write this, we do of course recognize that we eagerly participated in the e-release of Repetition Patterns, our short story collection from CCLaP Publishing, but what can we say, while we are quite proud of it, and are very much enjoying the experience, we are still conflicted about the state of media, all media, as we head into 2009. That said, we are way supportive of Ken, the dude can flat-out write, we want good literature to find an audience regardless of the means, and we definitely want this effort to be a huge and raging success however that is defined in this day and age. So, done, and Happy New Year.

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