Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Look out Stephanie Meyer we're coming for you. And yes, we know, we know, we may have some problems with narcissism. We recognize it and and we're coming to terms with it. That's the first step, right?

Update: 46,686. Weirdness. And Lucky Man - 78,100. Double weirdness.

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Pete said...

If you want to close that sales gap even further, maybe Michael could do a cover redesign that adds a vampire who stands ominously behind the quartet, gazing longingly at the brunette's neck. (Big spiderwebs on the Empire State Building would be a nice touch, too.) Then if somebody buys the book and complains that it doesn't actually have any vampires in it, and that it wasn't at all the Stephanie Meyer/Anne Rice-ish book they were expecting, you can say the cover design is some sort of metaphor for the lonely, restless, nocturnal wanderings of NYC young adults during the early 1990s. And that if they aren't sophisticated enough to connect with your artistic vision, well, that's really not any fault of yours.