Sunday, October 5, 2008

Overly compulsive and embarrassing Goodreads behavior for your dissection and discussion. Thanks.

Here's what we at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters have been feeling overly compulsive, and frankly kind of embarrassed, about the last couple of weeks - there are only a handful of ratings for Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine on Goodreads, which is fine, really, and the average rating is quite low, which might be ok, maybe, except that the average rating for the book seems to be so low because of the ratings from several people who we can't help but think have not actually read the book. This seems less ok to us, but is it really? Should we even care? Ultimately, does this matter on any level? Of course, that said, if they didn't read the book, why would they rank it so poorly? Though again, should we care? We can't decide, and as we mentioned, we are being kind of compulsive about this, so all thoughts are appreciated. Truly.

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Pete said...

Maybe they simply didn't like the author's name. Might I suggest a change to "Dirk Lancer"?