Thursday, October 2, 2008

Full of It by Tim Hall is live. Pretty cool, right? Way.

Good friend and killer writer Tim Hall's new book Full of It: The Birth, Death, and Life of an Underground Newspaper is live, so awesomely live and we have the press release below to prove it. So please take a look, and then you know, go buy the book. Cool? We thought so.

For Immediate Release Contact: Renee Kenner

856.489.8654, ext.304

FULL OF IT: The Birth, Death, and Life of an Underground Newspaper

By Tim Hall


--when the time comes, do you want to be fabulous or real?

It seems like everyone is doing it these days. While originally reserved for tech savvy computer "geeks," YouTube and blogging have hit mainstream America. Technorati recently reported that 133 million blog records have been recorded since 2002. And according to reports, as of January 2008, YouTube's nearly 79 million users had made over 3 billion video views. Anyone from the aspiring music artist, activist, journalist, or bored housewife can easily express their thoughts and creativity to the entire world with the click of a button.

Author and former newspaper editor, Tim Hall, reflects on a time when getting the word out actually required face-to-face interaction. His new novel, FULL OF IT: The Birth, Death, and Life of an Underground Newspaper, is based on a true story and pays homage to the era of the alternative newspaper.

Set in the mid 1990's in New York's East Village, a group of hopeful artists and activists band together to form an underground, free-thinking newspaper. As the paper grows, personalities begin to clash as they fight for creative control. When unexpected tragedy occurs, tensions come to a boil and the rift in the group widens.

"People tend to romanticize artistic or bohemian life, when in fact it can be just as cut-throat as finance or politics," says Hall.

Hall hits on life-altering issues that every person faces, such as:

· Taking control of your own creativity

· Getting involved in your community

· Be good to your friends; crush your enemies

· Don't take yourself too seriously

· Nothing good lasts long, so take your best shot when you can and give it everything you've got

Even during conflict, humor remains a constant theme in the book. Hall, a strong advocate of seeing the humor in any situation, remarks, "Even in the most heated moments of conflict, keeping a sense of humor about yourself and what is going on around you allows you to see the lighter side of things you can't control."

About the author

Tim Hall began self-publishing in 6th grade and eventually began using one of the first Macintosh computers to publish crude newsletters in college. Since 1995 he has been a newspaper editor, publisher, and journalist, and has had short stories and essays published in many online and print publications, including Chicago Reader, NY Press, BIGnews, American Heritage, NY Post.

In 2003 he created the first daily video weblog, where he uploaded short video stories that he created with a cheap digital camera and iMovie. This was 2 years before the launch of YouTube and the personal video revolution, and his site was called a "hot tech trend to watch" by the San Jose Mercury News.

FULL OF IT: The Birth, Death, and Life of an Underground Newspaper is available at,, B&N,, and

For more information, please visit Tim's website.