Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Nine - Gigantic and Massive.

All right, we have to ask, how many of you got to hang out at The Alley Cat coffee shop in Fort Collins this week and talk writing with the quite cool, quite engaging, and dare we say quite striking, J.A. Tyler, who has been published in so many wonderful places though maybe none more wonderful of course than our very own This Zine Will Change Your Life? We're guessing not too many of you, but it's okay, really, because we did, and we recorded the conversation and you can now listen to the resulting podcast - Gigantic and Massive. We would add, that during the trip we also had the chance to read J.A.'s novella The Girl in the Black Sweater from Trainwreck Press, and with its mix of pain, compulsion and borderline surrealism, we can't recommend it strongly enough.

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