Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Freebird Books reading love.

We had a most excellent time reading at Freebird Books in Brooklyn this past Sunday night and want to offer many thanks to the quite awesome Ken Wohlrob author of the quite awesome The Love Book for arranging the reading, and reading himself - see him actually reading below, for real; Peter from Freebird for hosting, now please go buy books there, and a lot of them; and to the various people who came out, including, but not limited to long-time friends Lisa and Laura, old, like many decades old, friend and This Zine Will Change Your Life compatriot Adam Lawrence, and new bestest friend Michael Paige Glover the wonderful and quite cool artist that did the cover for "Most Likely Your Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine," who we would add can be seen below with TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson and "Go Your Way..." author Ben Tanzer, who wants you to know that he cannot explain what happened to his hair in this particular shot though he thinks it has something to do with the failed Wall Street bail-out.

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Tim Hall said...

congrats, man, looks like a great time.