Sunday, August 24, 2008

Writing the Unthinkable rocks it. Totally.

Yes, its true, we have been slightly off of the radar the last few days, and we've missed you, we really have. But it was worth it, totally worth it. We have been attending Writing the Unthinkable, the most awesome two-day writing workshop extravaganza hosted by the equally awesome Lynda Barry author of among many, many other things, Cruddy, one of our all-time favorite novels. And so you may ask, did it rock? Way. Did we write like mad? Totally. Was Kelly Hogan, the Kelly Hogan, who we have a newly enormous crush on, there helping out? Yes, and was that cool, yes, too cool. And finally, is there anything else we think you need to know? Just this, it occurred to us this morning, that if we ever write our loosely visualized fourth book, the stuff we wrote during the last two days is going to be all over it. For real.


Elizabeth Crane said...

Lucky! I wanted to go but we're in Austin. I did get her to sign my copy though at the Hideout and she was sweet as could be.

Ben said...

So lucky, and yes, she couldn't be sweeter or more awesomer. How's Austin?