Friday, August 8, 2008

All Ostdick all the time. Well, and some CCLaP too.

Generally bearded friend, blogger and fantastic writer Nick Ostdick is not only running a new edition of the quite entertaining 50 Word Story Segment on his blog this week, but it highlights the most awesome and widely published J.A. Tyler, who we are huge fans of here at headquarters and are most happy to remind you has been published in This Zine Will Change Your Life. Nick has also given "Go Your Way..." a nice shout-out this week as well, which is much appreciated, many thanks sir, as has the incomparable Jason Pettus at CCLaP who has always been and continues to be another good friend and champion of TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer. So, many thanks to Jason too, you are both peaches in our book, kind of sticky, yet sweet and terribly yummy.


Jason Pettus said...

I always appreciate being referred to as kind of sticky. Also, I'm covered in a fine fuzz, and I bruise easily.

j. a. tyler said...

thanks for the shout-out bt.

just finished reading MLY...

nice, nice work.

I blogged it here: