Monday, June 9, 2008

Music and Politics and Wonka Vision #42.

You know, we don't spend a lot of time here at This Blog Will Change Your Life talking politics because frankly we don't see how doing so will increase sales. That said, today we are making a sort of exception because we are quite geeked about the next issue of Wonka Vision magazine where TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer is a staff writer. Issue #42 which is due out in August is not only dedicated to Music and Politics, but on the cover you will find among others, Billy Bragg, hands down one of our favorite artists here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters. We hope you will take a look at this most excellent issue, but more importantly we also hope you will consider supporting and hyping Wonka Vision, because it is not only quite cool, and quite well done, but this being a time period where we seem to be endlessly losing great magazines, journals and zines, we need to band together and take care of those who continue to exist despite the odds stacked against them. If all that isn't enough however, we also believe that Wonka Vision will likely change your life, if only briefly, which as you know, we tend to think is the coolest thing of all.


Pete said...

Criminy, you're a Billy Bragg fan, too? It's like we were separated at birth - except, of course, that I'm a hell of a lot older than you.

Ben said...

And more legendary of course.