Monday, May 5, 2008

Story-time for Grown Ups, aka, Wordsmiths redux.

Man, the most awesome Wordsmiths Books in Atlanta, and the possibly awesomer Russ Marshalek are either gluttons for punishment or true literary visionaries. We say this, because they have invited TBWCYL, Inc. spokesman and Lucky Man author Ben Tanzer back to do a second Lucky Man reading. You may recall that we had less than a stellar turnout the first time around, ok, no one showed-up, but does this bother Russ, no way, hence Story-time for Grown Ups, in which we will be appearing this Wednesday night at Wordsmiths with a handful of local Atlanta writers and performers doing an adult reading thing. It should be way cool and for more information about the event you can take a look at what Russ has to say about it on the Wordsmiths blog. You can also come out and join us. No, you can, Totally. Just Tivo Top Chef.

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