Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sunbeams and Cigarettes. Nick Ostdick brings the pain.

We have been on the road and have much to catch-up on and report about this week, but for now we want to focus on the novel Sunbeams and Cigarettes by good friend Nick Ostdick of RAGAD and In The Nick of Time blog fame. Over many flights the last several days we finally had the chance to read it and we found it quite awesome and moving. Focusing on loss and isolation, love, the grieving process and abuses of all kinds, it's quite an impressive debut novel, no less so since Nick wrote it when he was like eleven years old. Nice work dude.


Jason Jordan said...

Yeah, it's quite impressive. I've always liked the cover art, too.

Nick said...

Thanks for the nod, Ben. I much appreciate the kind words.

Ben said...

No, thank you sir for sharing, and ditto, we're feeling the cover art as well and should have noted this sooner.