Monday, April 28, 2008

RAGAD reading love, YouTube, robot girlfriend roundtables and This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Five. Not bad, right?

We had some killer RAGAD reading love Saturday night, many thanks as always to the ever-luminous Nick Ostdick for making this happen, and then recorded This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode Five - Robot Girlfriend Roundtable, which stars a posse of Chicago (and Pittsburgh) literary and arts culture rock stars including Nick, Amy Guth, Jason Pettus, Jason Behrends, Jason Jordan and Tim Hall. Tim also shot some video of the gathering which can be found in several parts on YouTube, though for a sneak peak, you can take a look at Part One below as well. All-in-all a great night, and a most awesome multi-media assault. In fact, all we are missing is more Jill Summers, who read as well, and who totally rocks it, but who we failed to grab for the podcast. Next time. For sure.

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