Thursday, April 17, 2008

And now let us pause for a distinctly un-Amazon moment.

Cathy from BayShore Books LLC has pointed out to us, that while we endlessly celebrate our endless self-cyberstalking on Amazon, we may not be spending enough time hyping independent alternatives to said site. We think this probably a highly accurate observation and so we want to share Cathy's note with you:

"While wandering on your website I noticed that you send potential customers to well known sites to pre-order or purchase your titles. As an INDEPENDENT bookstore owner I was wondering if you might consider adding as an alternative source? has a great feature where customers are prompted to enter their zip code to locate their closest INDEPENDENT bookstore where they can choose to order the book, pick it up at the store or have it shipped. Go ahead, try it out for yourself... it's easy. I hope you agree that this would be a fabulous addition to your site."

We are happy to report that we did try it out, and it is easy and totally cool. We are also happy to report that we do think this is a fabulous addition to the blog and you now know this as well because you know, you're reading this.


BayShore Books LLC said...

On behalf of all independent bookstores, Thank you!

Ben said...

And you are quite welcome, we love independent bookstores.