Saturday, December 22, 2007

More independent media love.

We have decided to continue celebrating all things independent and today we are focusing on two new blogs we are really loving and think you will too. First, the new blog from our publisher and long-time friend Steve Lafler who recently moved to Mexico with his family. The blog is called "Cute As a Button But Tiger Tough" and is comprised of an ongoing series of excellent cartoons about Nina a toddler who we think kind of looks a lot like his own toddler daughter. And second, "Mexican Pop Spot," which is the new blog from Steve's rocking wife and our awesome cousin Serena, which provides a tour of all the things she encounters and loves as they cruise around the country. Both are much fun. So, take a look, enjoy them, and long live independent media.

1 comment:

Serena said...

Hey, Ben! Thanks for the mention--it changed my life.

I was wondering if you have any city-related blog entries that you'd like to submit to a blog carnival I'm guest-hostessing called "The Carnival of Cities". The deadline is this Sunday. Check out Mexican Pop Spot for the call for entries.