Friday, December 21, 2007

I Went for a Walk. No seriously, we did, and we loved it.

We have spent a lot of time this week celebrating all things Lucky Man, and while we are contractually obligated to do so, it doesn't mean we cannot take a moment to celebrate our fellow grassroots and DIY friends out there.

With that in mind than, we are thrilled to tell you about a children's book we were asked to review this week that we just love. It is called "I Went for a Walk" and it is written by singer and actress Shanti Wintergate and illustrated by her husband Gregory Attonito from the longtime punk band Bouncing Souls.

There are mermaids, stinky lasagna, and make believe worlds called Iz "shooting rainbows all over the place" and Moove where the people dance instead of walk. It is just this awesomely colorful and joyful celebration of adventure and travel that encourages its readers to explore the world about them and push the limits of their imagination. What more could you want? And what else can we say, it's pretty cool.

So, please visit Grey and Shanti at the "I Went for a Walk" MySpace site and if you have the time please check out the very cool YouTube video they developed to support the book as well. It's right there so you can't miss it.

With the holidays upon us, "I Went for a Walk" certainly makes for a great gift, even a belated one, but more than that it is a great addition to anyone's bookshelf and a great way to support the independent literary press during the holiday season. Who knows, it might even change your life.

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