Friday, December 14, 2007

Maria Popova, Lucky Man, Amazon reviews, and you.

As you well know, we at TBWCYL, Inc. are all about social marketing, be it faux or formal, and its role in doing anything to help us create buzz and move copies of Lucky Man. Today we read an interesting piece by blogger Maria Popova about what she calls the "real social networking," and in it she argues about the importance of consumer reviews. For example:

It’s easy to either underestimate the power of organic consumer reviews or dismiss them entirely as the hardly credible opinions of complete strangers. But then we’re overlooking the heart of the concept: the reviewer isn't merely a stranger to the person reading the review. There's a self-selection going on, where those who review are invariably linked to those seeking out the reviews via a shared interest in the product. And that shared interest holds the potential of other lifestyle similarities."

We have no idea what that means, but we know it sounds important. Now why are we telling you this? Because you are our loyal supporters, you have found that Lucky Man has changed your life in all sorts of wonderful ways, and we are hoping that you are willing to post some of your thoughts to the consumer review section of our Lucky Man Amazon page?

Think of it as a social experiment if that helps. Or just spreading the love. Either way, know its appreciated, just like we appreciate the ongoing interest you have shown in Lucky Man and "This Blog Will Change Your Life." We truly believe that we are changing lives here, but we also know that we couldn't do it without you.


Anonymous said...

Once Amazon gets me the book I shall do as you say, good sir. I mean, after I also read it of course. I think comments are important and fun and healthy. Which is why my blog is so filled with ZEROS after every single post except for one my Aunt commented on. I'm not sayin', I'm just, OK, sayin'. Haha.

Ben said...

First, as always, we appreciate the support, and second, we get your message loud and clear. We are not holding up our end of the bargain, and you sir, you of the Killer Commas, can expect to be "commented" from this point forward.