Monday, December 17, 2007

A much appreciated Lucky Man shout-out. So, who needs the Chicago Tribune and New York Times anyway?

We are quite excited to see that publisher/writer/raconteur/ blogger and loyal TBWCYL, Inc. supporter and friend Nick Ostdick has included Lucky Man in his top ten favorite books of the year - something you can take a look at here. We are also quite thrilled to be included in such grand company, including not only Sherman Alexie, Todd Dills, Miranda July, and Jonathan Messinger, all of whom we are big fans of, but the wonderful Elizabeth Crane as well, a long time "This Blog Will Change Your Life" muse and mainstay. In fact, we are so thrilled, it makes us wonder why we ever thought we needed any love from the The Chicago Tribune and New York Times in the first place? Of course this honor also makes us wonder how these fine and established writers feel about having had us sneak onto this list with them. Is it weird or disconcerting? Maybe even off-putting? We hope not, but if it is we are happy to sit down with them and talk about it, especially you Ms. Crane, though we're guessing you already know that.


Anonymous said...

My copy has arrived and is lying on the stand next to my bed on top of a Mario Vargas Llosa novel. Sorry, Mario, but you are going to take a back seat to Lucky Man for a while.

Ben said...

And that's just how we like it.