Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stepping-out on my baby? No, we think of it as sharing the love.

We were perusing, and yes we know, that means we were stepping-out on Amazon, our long-time obsession and love. But the thing is, they sell Lucky Man as well and we were concerned that we weren't nurturing the relationship nearly enough. We should add here, that we at TBWCYL, Inc. have a lot of love to give, and we are happy to give it, especially when it translates to sales or buzz.

And yet we digress, so questionable behavior aside, we were on and we encountered a list we found most intriguing. What was this list you ask? It was a list of books that people have bought when they bought a copy of Lucky Man. This list was composed of the following books:

(1) Night, Elie Wiesel
(2) Cross, James Patterson
(3) For One More Day, Mitch Albom
(4) The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
(5) Eldest (Inheritance Trilogy #2), Christopher Paolini

Our question of course is why these books?
And this is not to pass any particular judgment on any of these books, certainly not Night, of course, though, maybe we are on the Albom book, no offense dude. But that aside, what's the link? How do they hang together, if it all? Now, like TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer, these are all male authors, and it would appear that all of these books touch on death in some form or another. But what else is there? It can't be sales, because the books on the list are actually popular.

Meanwhile, how embarrassed must these authors be to be lumped together with us in the first place? It could be that we give them a certain off the radar, barely read book, not much of a cult-following, borderline buzz, street cred by association kind of thing. But we're guessing that's a very generous interpretation on the part of our marketing team.

Fact is, Lucky Man doesn't even come up when you check out these books separately and they tell you what else people have bought when they've bought them. Now, can someone explain that? Seriously, because Lucky Man needs the help. Even from you Mitch Albom. Did we mention by the way, that we take back everything we said? Or, what big fans we are? Well, there, now we did. We love you. And you too For real.


Pete said...

I'll bet at least half of the books on BN have Brown and Albom on their "people who bought X also bought..." list. Both those books sold a bajillion copies each (I'm not proud to admit that we own both, although Albom's was a gift which has remained unread) so the overlap to yours says more about the other's sales figures than any similarities in readers' tastes.

Ben said...

So, you're saying that we've merely been swept up in the Albom/Brown buying frenzy? That so many people have bought their books that some of them eventually had to buy ours as well? Ok, we can live with that. Thanks for clearing it up.

Pete said...

"Now that I've indulged my desire for Albom's deep insights and Brown's brilliant artistry, plus that one book about the guy and his rascally dog, I need one more book to get free shipping...Hmmm, can't seem to find anything...Well, here's a book by some guy named Ken Dancer, or something like that...Bingo! Free shipping!"

Ben said...

I believe our work here is done.