Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For Better or For Worse?

We once loved all things For Better or For Worse. We wanted Michael and Elizabeth to be in our family. We wanted to live in Canada. We even considered the benefits to having our dad be a dentist and not an artist. Somewhere along the way though we slipped away, Bloom County came along, then the Simpsons and so many killer graphic novels and comix. We had moved on without even realizing it. We always had a warm spot for For Better or For Worse in our hearts though, and today we were pleasantly surprised to receive a copy of the current strip. Who knew that Michael was a writer? Or that he was just like us? We didn't, but Lynn Johnston clearly knew, because For Better or For Worse has always known us better than we knew ourselves. For Better or For Worse we salute you, and so if you don't mind, please make our bed, we're coming home.

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