Thursday, September 13, 2007

The things we love right now.

Let it never be said that book sales will keep us down at Lucky Man, Inc. Nor for that matter will we spend any time bemoaning the fact that despite 46 visitors, our signed, limited edition copy of Lucky Man received no bids on ebay, or that we have re-listed it for 10 more days and expect at least 46 more visitors to move on quietly to other more pertinent purchases.

No tonight we will touch on the things we love right now:

(1) Armchair Apocrypha the not entirely new disc by Andrew Bird - we've had it for months and liked it when we first listened to it here at headquarters - we have re-discovered it though and its great, check it out and tell us that listening to the songs Fiery Crash or Plasticities doesn't change your life

(2) Talk: A Novel in Dialogue by Corey Mesler - more on this when we're done with it, but what a great mix of riffs on literature, depression, pop culture, and adultery - we are way digging it

(3) Veronica Webb - now, we in no way want to imply that we are stepping out in any fashion on the the most awesome Elizabeth Crane, and please note that we have certainly noted her visit earlier this week - nice to hear from you again Ms. Crane, we hope you're well - but the highlight of the not so annoying new Tim Gunn show is clearly his co-host the lovely Veronica Webb.

The hair, the dresses, the flawless skin and long legs, the fact that she was born in 1965 - do the math - and is married to an archeologist - weird and cool. We love her. Rock on Veronica Webb and thank you for being you

And please rock on all of you as well, you know you want to.

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Elizabeth Crane said...

I won't take it personally but if he'd have me, I'd be Tim Gunn's cohort in a second.

You're so sweet and the interview with Nick made me feel on top of the world! Man, I know where to go if I'm having a bad day...