Friday, September 14, 2007

Fresh and real original - Lucky Man talks smack with Nick Ostdick.

We are quite pleased to announce that our interview with the illustrious Nick Ostdick is up at Chicago6Corners. Nick has shown Lucky Man a lot of love and we at Lucky Man, Inc. are happy to return the favor. We would also like you to share in the love so please check it out. If you are undecided, and we hope you're not, take a look at the introduction below, it might just change your life.

If you know Nick Ostdick, you probably love him – his energy and drive, his appreciation of books and writers, his brooding, Clooney-like good looks – he’s something else. If you don’t know Nick, here’s what you should know: he is the publisher of RAGAD, a columnist for 63 Channels, a blogger, and the author of the novel Sunbeams and Cigarettes, which he wrote and got published while still in his teens. I recently had the chance to give Nick a shout and talk writing with him. As expected, he was the most interesting person I connected with that day.

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