Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Small. Jealous. Shallow. Bitter.

You well know that we at Lucky Man, Inc. are not above being small, jealous, shallow, or bitter.The question then is not if or even why we might feel this way, its clearly misplaced grandiosity of course, but what now, what is it this week causing said reactions.

In this case, we opened up to the Books section of the recent issue of Entertainment Weekly to find an article with the heading of "Fall Books Preview." The article is titled Bound for Glory, very catchy we know, and contains the following description: "This fall, five young authors deliver books packed with razor-sharp writing."

The article begins with the following, "Every year, bookstore shelves sink under the weight of new titles from unfamiliar names. Despite daunting odds, some of these books manage to stand out from the pack," and then goes on to say, "You probably haven't heard of these five authors-yet. (In some cases, it's their first book.) But we bet you'll be reading their names - and works - for years to come."

You can imagine how excited we were to read on knowing that Lucky Man seemed to fit this opening paragraph to a tee. You can also then imagine the pain we felt upon discovering that Lucky Man is not one of those five. You might say, look these are fall books, Lucky Man is already out. True, but so are three of the five books listed. Fine, you say, but it does say "young authors," and you people at Lucky Man, Inc. are not so young. Well, one of the five authors listed is older then Lucky Man spokesperson Ben Tanzer, and two more are within two years of his age.

What gives then? This is we do not know, but we do know that we are hurt and we are moving on. Thanks for nothing Entertainment Weekly and don't come calling when "Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine" comes out because we won't answer. We won't, well unless it's like a favorable review. Than maybe. And if there's an interview or a picture. But not otherwise, we're done. Totally. So take that.

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Pete said...

Personally, I'd take not getting recognized by Entertainment Weekly as a huge compliment. It's only when braindead vehicles like EW and People first notice you that you should begin to doubt your self-worth.